Shankarrao Ursal college of Pharmacy always believes in fostering all round development of its students by providing quality education along with

their active participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

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To arrange seminars on Personality Development, Communication and Presentation skill.To provide information related to scope of Pharmacy.

Guidelines oriented to preparation for various aspects of Jobs and Business.

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Our Toppers
Photo Name Rank Year Class Percentage Link
no photo found Ms. Pote Priti Bharat and Ms. Supekar Aishwarya Prakash 1 2018-19 F.Y., D.Pharm., Pharmacy(UG) 80.18 See Class Result
no photo found Ms. Darekar Pritam Tukaram 2 2018-19 F.Y., D.Pharm., Pharmacy(UG) 79.09 See Class Result
no photo found Ms. Kakade Anuja Tanaji 3 2018-19 F.Y., D.Pharm., Pharmacy(UG) 78.46 See Class Result
no photo found Ms. Misal Shreya Rajendra 1 2018-19 S.Y., D.Pharm., Pharmacy(UG) 88.40 See Class Result
no photo found Choudhary Mamata Baghtaram and Dhaygude Dhanashree Suresh 2 2018-19 S.Y., D.Pharm., Pharmacy(UG) 86.50 See Class Result